Where Should You Evacuate if a Big Earthquake Occurs?

Japan is prone to earthquakes. Large earthquakes may occur. Typhoons and tsunamis may occur as well. Natural disasters, like earthquakes and typhoons, are called “saigai” in Japanese. Where should you evacuate if a natural disaster occurs?

The First Place to Evacuate to in the Event of a Disaster

Evacuation when a disaster occurs is called “hinan” in Japanese, and an evacuation site, a place to escape to, is called “hinan-basho”. Evacuation sites are normally large areas like parks and schools. Evacuate to an evacuation site near your home or workplace, following the instructions of people at the town hall, police officers, and firefighters. If children are at school when a disaster occurs, they will be kept safe at school.

What Do You Do if You Are Told That Tsunami Is Coming?

Japan is surrounded by ocean. In some areas, large tsunamis may occur after an earthquake. Run to a higher place without hesitation if you are told that Tsunami is coming. It is recommended that you always check the hazard map in your area. If the area you live in could get hit by a tsunami, make sure to check the location of your evacuation site.

What Do You Do if You Can No Longer Live at Home?

You can temporarily live in a shelter if your house collapses or is at risk of collapsing due to a disaster. Evacuation centers are usually nearby elementary and junior high schools, and community centers. At the evacuation center, you can receive necessities such as food, drinks, blankets, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc. Check with the person in charge of the evacuation center about rules to live there. Prepare disaster prevention goods needed when living in an evacuation center in advance

Is Disaster Information Available in Foreign Languages?

NHK news is available in both English and Japanese on TV. On radio, NHK Radio 2 (Tokyo, 693kHz 500kw) provides information on earthquakes with a seismic intensity of low 6 or higher, tsunami advisory, tsunami warnings, and emergency warnings in English, Korean, Chinese and Portuguese. AFN (American Forces Network Tokyo 810kHz) also broadcasts in English.You can listen to the radio from your mobile phone.

An application that allows you to listen to radio programs radiko

(Reference) “Q&A Manual to Support Foreigners in Case of Disasters” by Tokyo International Communication Committee:

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