Summer Supplementary Classes at Public Elementary Schools

Some Japanese public elementary schools give supplementary classes during summer vacation. The purpose of the supplementary classes is to help students retain what they have learned at school. Whether the supplementary classes happen or not depends on the local government.

What Are the Supplementary Classes Like?

Supplementary classes are held at elementary schools during summer vacation. The classes are to help students who are struggling to remember what they have learned or getting behind in school. Not all students attend these classes. The students who should participate in the supplementary classes will be notified by their teachers in advance. The supplementary classes may last for up to ten days.

What Will Happen in the Supplementary Classers?

The supplementary classes are different from regular school classes. Teachers will help students individually with what each student is struggling with, as the goal is to ensure that each student retains what they have learned. Students are encouraged to participate in the supplementary classes if they are struggling to keep up with regular school classes.

Do the Supplementary Classes Happen in Schools All Over the Country?

Summer supplementary classes do not always happen in public elementary schools. Each principal will decide whether they offer the supplementary classes or not. In some areas, the board of education will know the situation. You may want to contact the board of education in your community or the elementary school that your child is enrolled in for information on supplementary classes.

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