Welfare Loan Funds for Single Parents

Welfare loans fund for single parents is the money that single parents whose children are under 20 years old could make loan.
Business Start-up Funds (The capital you need in order to start up your business)
Business Continuity Funds (The capital you need to continue your own business)
School Attendance Funds (The funds to send your child to school)
Skill Acquisition Funds (The capital either the father or the mother to acquire skills to work)
Training Funds (The capital for your child to acquire skills to work)
Employment Preparation Funds (The capital for your child to take up employment)
Medical Care Funds (The funds a family needs to go to hospital)
Living Expenses Funds (The funds you need for study or in case of disease and divorce)
Housing Funds (The capital when you purchase a house or renovate the house)
Change of Residence Funds (The funds you need when you move out to a new place)
Preparatory Funds for Schooling (The funds for buying school uniforms or other things for schooling)
Marriage Funds for Child (The funds when your child marries)
Please follow the procedure by a social welfare counter at your local government when you would like to apply for the welfare loan funds for single parents.
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