What Kind of Clothes Do Students Wear to Elementary School?

Japanese elementary schools do not have uniforms. Students can wear whatever clothes they like to go to school. Clothes that allow children to move easily and stay safe are recommended. It is convenient to use materials and designs that are easy to wash and easy for children to handle.

Choosing Clothes for Elementary School Children

1.Clothes that are easy to move in:
As elementary school students move a lot, you may want to choose materials that stretch and allow them to move easily. If choosing a skirt, you may want to choose one that is neither too short nor too long, and overpants (pants worn under a skirt and hide underwear) can be worn if necessary.

2.Clothes that are easy to change into:
At elementary schools, students change into gym clothes and swimsuits during physical education class. Try to choose clothes that have fewer buttons and fasteners to allow children to change easily by themselves.

3.Clothes that hide stains:
Paints, ink, etc. are used in classes at elementary schools, and students’ clothes may get dirty. Sometimes food may be spilled during school lunches. It is best to choose clothes with colors that make stains less noticeable, so that children can spend their time at ease without worrying too much about dirtying their clothes.

4.Clothes with pockets:
Elementary school children are encouraged to bring handkerchiefs and tissues. Children can put them in their pockets if they have them. It is also recommended to use mobile pockets. Mobile pockets are pockets that can be attached to clothes with clips. You can purchase them at the store or make them yourself.

5.Clothes that are easy to wash:
When children spend the day energetically, their clothes get dirty. You may want to have your child wear clothes that are easy to wash. Clothes that do not get damaged even when washed in a washing machine, that dry easily and that do not wrinkle easily are recommended. As winter clothing like jackets can also get dirty, you may want to choose the materials that can be washed at home.

How Many Changes of Clothes Should Be Prepared?

Children sweat and get dirty. As sometimes they need to change clothes during the day, having about 5 sets of tops and bottoms each for spring/summer and fall/winter may be ideal. In addition, it is recommended to prepare underwear, socks, warm clothes and hats, according to the season.

Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing Clothes for Elementary School Children

You need to keep their safety in mind when choosing clothes for elementary school children. Injuries and accidents have been caused by hoods and strings attached to clothes. Hoods and strings getting caught on playground equipment, bicycles, escalators, doorknobs, etc. can sometimes lead to life-threatening accidents, such as falling or tightening children’s neck. Keep these points in mind when choosing clothes for your child.

Elementary school students spend a long time at school and have many opportunities to change their clothes at school. Make sure to write their name on clothes, underwear and socks. As children grow, their clothes preferences change. You may want to talk to your child about it and choose their clothes so that they can spend their time safely and comfortably at school.

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