Supplies Needed in Elementary School Classes

Japanese elementary school children need to prepare their own supplies to use in class. Please check our past article about school supplies needed when entering elementary school(Click here). Let’s look at the supplies needed as the school year goes on.

Supplies Needed in 1st - 4th Grade in Elementary School

Supplies needed in early grades include a mathematics set, keyboard harmonica, recorder, water color set and calligraphy set. Some schools plan to purchase these supplies together for all the students. If that is not the case, each family can purchase the supplies at mass retailers (such as AEON) or online (such as Amazon, Yahoo!, Rakuten). Check handouts from your child’s school as there may be specific information on what needs to be purchased. You can also ask your child’s homeroom teacher.

Supplies Needed in 5th – 6th Grade in Elementary School

As your child goes into late elementary grades, supplies needed include a protractor, compass, sewing set, graver and apron. Similar to early elementary supplies, some schools may purchase these supplies together for all the students. Students also go on a school trip in 6th grade and a large backpack may be needed for the trip.

Most of these supplies can be found used, on online sites and flea markets. Some supplies can be passed onto younger siblings. Make sure to purchase supplies while keeping in mind your family’s needs and budget.

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