School Expense Subsidies (New Enrollment Subsidies)

Some Japanese local governments have a system to provide financial assistance, which covers some of the cost for preparations for entering elementary school. Check with your local government office in advance if you wish to receive this assistance, as many governments’ application deadline is in November.

Who Is Eligible for the New Enrollment Subsidies?

You are eligible to receive this assistance if your child is entering elementary school in April of the coming fiscal year and if any of the following descriptions are applicable to you:

A) Public income support was suspended or ended during the previous fiscal year

B) Receiving childcare allowance (single-parent households, etc.). Note: childcare allowance is different from child allowance or child rearing allowance

Total household income for 2021 is considered below standard. Note: In this case, municipal tax declaration at the local municipal office taxation department is required.

You are not eligible if you are receiving public income support, as you can receive new enrollment subsidies from public income support.

How Do You Apply for New Enrollment Subsidies?

Application forms for new enrollment subsidies are sent by mail from the Board of Education. Fill in the required information on the application form, and mail it to the School Affairs Division. Note that if you wish to receive Financial Aid for School Expenses after you receive the New Enrollment Subsidies, you need to apply for it separately once your child starts going to school.

To apply, you need:

 A) Application Form (Letter of Consent/Account Transfer Request Form) for New Enrollment Subsidies (Elementary School Expense Subsidies)

 B) Copy of bankbook or cash card for transfer account

 C) Required documents for applicable items if any of the following is applicable to you:

  1. If you were not registered as a resident as of January 1st of this year in the town where you live now:

   Original certificate showing income amount and number of dependents, issued at resident registration place as of January 1st, 2022 [Fiscal year 2022 resident tax taxation certificate, etc.]

  2. If your public income support was suspended or ended in other municipality during the previous fiscal year:

   Certificate of public income support receipt issued by the other municipality and proves that public income support was suspended or ended during the previous fiscal year

When Will the New Enrollment Subsidies Be Paid?

The screening result will be sent to you by mail in late February. If certified, ¥54,060 (fixed amount) will be paid into your bank account at the end of February.

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