Childhood Developmental Disorders and Treatments

Developmental disorders are congenital disorders related to brain development. People with developmental disorders often have difficulty with communication or interpersonal relationships, and many of them have difficulties in life. There are several types of developmental disorders and each has its strengths and weaknesses depending on its characteristics. Receiving treatments can promote a child’s development and help them live independently.

Characteristics of Developmental Disorders

Common types of developmental disorders include Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Learning Disorders (LD), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), Tics and Stuttering.

Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD)


-Have difficulty with communication or interpersonal relationships

-Show interest in something specific, repeat the same action, etc.

◯Difficulties faced by children with ASD:

-Have difficulty making friends

-Do not like sudden schedule changes

Learning Disorders (LD)


-Have difficulty reading

-Have difficulty writing

-Have difficulty calculating

◯Difficulties faced by children with LD:

-Cannot keep up with school classes

-Self-esteem decreases

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD)


-Have trouble paying attention


-Act on impulse

◯Difficulties faced by children with ADHD:

-Have difficulty sitting still during class

-Make careless mistakes



-Make sudden loud verbal sounds

-Repetitive movement like eye blinking and head shaking

◯Difficulties faced by children with tics:

-People around them think they are restless and cause trouble



-Pausing within a word or repetition of a word

◯Difficulties faced by children with stuttering

-People around them laugh at them

-People around them correct their speech

Places to Consult About Children’s Developmental Disorders

Consult with the local government office in your area if you have any concerns about your child:

- Public health center

- Child care support center

- Child consultation center

- Support center for persons with developmental disorders(in Japanese)

- Child development support center

- Mental health and welfare center(in Japanese)

Developmental Support for Children with Developmental Disorders

Treatments (developmental support) are available for children with developmental disorders. The treatments are to help promote a child’s development so that they can live their daily life smoothly. Treatment details vary depending on the characteristics of the child’s symptoms. Public treatment support is available after you consult with the local government in your area and if the treatment is deemed necessary. Here are the procedures to receive the public treatment support:


Consult with public institutions and medical institutions

2.Developmental test:

Child undergoes a specific test

3.Selection of a treatment facility:

Select the facility to receive the treatment. Location varies depending on the local government.

4.Application and issuance of developmental support recipient certificate:

Type of certificate varies depending on the selected facility. Medical certificate may be required depending on the area. Check with your local government office.

5.Start using the facility:

Treatments within the specified type and amount on the certificate are available for the child.

Although the causes of developmental disorders are not clearly understood, the cause is not the way parents raised them or their own lack of effort. Consult with support facilities if you notice your child showing signs of developmental disorders or having problems so that they can receive support.

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