Food Pantries – A Place Where Free Food Is Distributed to Anyone in Need

In Japan, various organizations run food pantry programs which offer food to those in need. Their food is donated by companies, organizations, etc. It is intended mainly for households with children and single-mother households, and anyone can use it when they are in need of food.

What Is a Food Pantry?

A food pantry is a program that distributes food to people who have difficulty purchasing it. Food is donated by companies, organizations and individuals. Companies donate their food without quality problems that were not consumed and would have been disposed. Therefore, food pantries also play a role in eliminating food waste. Although who can use the food pantries depends on the regulations of the operating organization, the program often targets people in households that are having difficulty purchasing food or households with children.

Where Is the Food Distributed?

The way food is distributed varies depending on the organization that runs the food pantry program. In many cases, it is handed over at the distribution site. Distributed items are mainly items that can be stored at room temperature, including rice, retort food and snacks.

Where Are Food Pantries Located?

There are food pantries in various locations across the country. Search “(name of the area you live in) + food pantry” on the internet to learn about initiatives in your area. Check the dates and times and user instructions on each organization’s homepage and contact them if you wish to use their service.

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