Protecting Children on Their Way To and From School – “IKaNoOSuShi”

Children go to and from school and lessons alone once they enter elementary school. Unfortunately, children sometimes become a victim of crime while on their way. To protect children, it is important to raise their crime prevention awareness.

Acronym to Remember – “IKaNoOSuShi”

“IKaNoOSuShi” is a word created by the Tokyo Board of Education and Metropolitan Police Department to protect children.

らない  ひと に ついて 「いか」ない(IKa) = (Ikanai) Don’t follow people you don’t know

らない  ひと の  くるま に 「の」らない (No) = (Noranai) Don’t get in a stranger’s car

たす けてと 「お」お ごえ を  す(O) = (Oogoe) Shout out for help

れて  かれ そうに なったら 「す」ぐ  げる(Su) = (Sugu nigeru) Run away immediately if you feel like you’re about to be taken away

ちか くの  大人 おとな に  なに が あったかを 「し」らせる(Shi) = (Shiraseru) Tell a nearby adult what happened

It is a word that is easy for small children to remember. Talk about it at home and avoid putting your child in danger.

Check the School Route and Learn How to Use a Personal Safety Alarm

Walk the way to school with your child and see if there are any dangerous places. Some places can become dangerous from dusk to night. Try to walk at different times of day. Also think together with your child about how to respond in case of emergency. Have your child practice how to use a personal safety alarm so they can get used to it.

Adults may want to regularly talk to the neighborhood children, and raise crime prevention awareness in the community to keep children safe.

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