How to Spend Spring Break

In Japan, students have spring break for about 10 days to 2 weeks, from the end of March to the beginning of April. Here are some tips on how to spend spring break.

The School Year Ends in March

In Japan, the school year starts in April and ends in March of the following year. Spring break starts when the school year ends in March and lasts until the start of the next school year in April. Spring break is a period when students review what they have learned in previous grades, organize their belongings and get ready for the new school year.

Old Textbooks and School Supplies

Students can go through their textbooks and school supplies from the past year, before the start of the next school year. As some textbooks are used for more than one year, be careful not to get rid of them by mistake. Other old textbooks can be disposed of or kept for reviewing. While going through school supplies, students can clean and organize them, and add what is missing.

Check for Size Changes

Indoor shoes and gym clothes may have gotten too small. Check to see if anything is getting smaller. Also, students’ names on their belongings need to be updated with changes in grades or classes(Writing your pupil’s name on their belongings).

Maintaining a Daily Rhythm

Long vacations are also a period when routines tend to be disrupted. Because students get back to a school-centered lifestyle as soon as the new school year starts in early April, they should try to maintain their daily rhythm so they can easily adjust back to a school-day routine.

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