Up to What Age Do Child Fares for Public Transportation Apply?

Fees for public transportation such as trains, buses, and planes are different for adults and children. Up to what age do “child” fares apply?

Up to What Age Do “Child” Fares Apply?

Public transportation fees vary depending on age. Age groups vary depending on the type of transportation and service. Here is some information on fees for trains and buses. Age groups for trains and buses are “adult”, “child”, “toddler” and “infant”.

“Adult” fares apply to those who are 12 years old or older, except if the child is still in elementary school in which case they still pay the “child” fare. 12-year-olds need to start paying for the “adult” fare on April 1st of their first year of middle school. “Child” fares apply to children 6 years old through 12 years old, except if the child is not in elementary school yet, in which case they still pay the “toddler” fare. “Adult” refers to middle school students and above, “child” refers to elementary school students, “toddler” refers to pre-school children 1 year old and older, and “infant” refers to children under 1 year old.

Fare Varies Depending on the Number of People Using the Service:

Below are the cases that you need to pay attention to when riding trains and buses.

◯ When an “toddler” (pre-school child 1 year old and older) is riding alone:

A “child” fee will be charged.

◯ When a parent is riding with 3 or more children:

If a parent is riding a train or bus with 3 or more children, the first two are free, a “child” fare must be paid for the rest.

As a child under 1 year old is always free, there is no fee charged even if you have 3 or more children that are under 1 year old.

Other Fares:

◯ Shinkansen and express trains:

When riding shinkansen or express trains with an infant or toddler on your lap without using a seat for them, the infant/toddler can ride for free. Note that “child” fares apply when using a seat for an infant/toddler. If a 3rd infant/toddler uses a seat, then train tickets, limited express tickets and reserved seat tickets must be paid with a “child” fare.

◯ Planes:

For planes, “child” fares are required if a child is 3 years old or older. An adult can have a child (toddler or infant) that is 8 days to 2 years old on their lap free of charge. If an adult is riding with two children, a child fee will apply for the second child.

The fare specifications for “adult” and “child” differ depending on the type of public transportation. Check each company’s website or contact their office if it is difficult to understand their fare specifications.

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