“School Counselors” – Professionals to Whom Children and Their Parents Can Ask for Advice on Their School Related Problems/Concerns

Japanese schools have school counselors. School counselors are professionals that work with students and their parents to deal with any issues that they may be facing. People can talk to counselors about various issues relating to the student, such as their school life, relationships with their friends, and parenting.

Roles of School Counselors

School counselors are there to help improve students’ and their parents’ mental healthcare. Students and their parents can tell their school counselors about any situation surrounding the student, including refusing to go to school, bullying, mistreatment, and issues learning. The counselors are there to collect the information they need before they can offer advice and assistance to the student and their family.

How To Meet With the School Counselor

Seeing a counselor is different at each school. You may have a regular schedule for counseling sessions, or you may go to the counseling office only as needed. Check with your school office for information on how to see your counselor.

Do Not Hesitate to See the Counselor Even on Minor Issues

Problems surrounding children can sometimes be difficult to talk about. You may also feel that the issue is too small to matter. Yet, small things can sometimes help solve big problems. Feel free to talk to your school counselor if you have any concerns or anxieties.

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