Summer Radio-Taiso: Radio Exercise

Radio-taiso is an exercise where you stretch and move your body to music at a fixed time every day. Many Japanese neighborhood children get together to do radio-taiso during summer break.

What Is Radio-Taiso Like?

Radio-taiso is an exercise where people stretch and move their body to music and a voice over the radio. It has a long history and started in 1928 for the purpose of improving Japanese citizens’ physical strength and health. The broadcast of radio-taiso starts at 6:30 every morning. It is also broadcast during periods other than summer break.

Summer Radio-Taiso

Children in Japan get together in the park or school in their neighborhood to do radio-taiso during summer break. It is often hosted by a neighborhood association or PTA. The period when communities host radio-taiso vary depending on where you live. It may happen every day during summer or only for a certain period of time. Families can also participate.

What Is the Purpose of Radio-Taiso?

As radio-taiso starts at a fixed time every day, it gives children a regular routine during their summer break. It may also be an opportunity for those without smart phones to make plans with their friends, in addition to its original purpose of improving physical strength. Some neighborhoods provide treats or stationery to children on the last day as a reward for working hard over the summer.

Although the weather can be very hot over the summer, it may be refreshing to start your day by sweating a little doing radio-taiso. Try to participate in radio-taiso if there is a program in the area you live in and your child’s physical condition permits.

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