What Are Saturday Classes Like?

Saturday classes are the classes held at schools on Saturdays. They are held once a month, and last about three hours. Not all public schools have Saturday classes. The situation varies depending on the area or school.

When Are Japanese Elementary Schools Off?

Japanese Elementary Schools are off on Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays. There used to be school on Saturdays, but Saturdays became a holiday in 2002 and the school system became five days a week.

Are There School Classes on Saturdays Now?

Saturday classes started to be held again in 2013, for the purpose of giving children enough learning opportunities. However, not all elementary schools have classes on Saturdays. Most schools have Saturday classes once a month, for about three hours. There is no school lunch on Saturday class days.
Check with your child’s school to see if Saturday classes are held or not.

Notes on Saturday Classes

You may need to make adjustments to after-school care and activities on Saturday class days. Make sure not to forget to make changes.

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