At What Grade Do Elementary School Club Activities Start?

Japanese elementary school club activities start when children are in 4th grade. Club activities happen after school on a specific day of the week or a couple of times a month. 4th, 5th and 6th grade students will do it together. Types of club activities include sports and cultural activities.

What Are the Club Activities For?

Club activities help children‘s development as they work with other grades and are given their own roles. It is also an opportunity for them to experience things that they might not experience at home or in class.

What Types of Club Activities Are There?

Club activities can be divided into sports and cultural activities. Sport clubs increase opportunities for children to exercise and help them build physical strength. They can also learn the rules of sports and how to cooperate with other club members through competition. Through cultural clubs, children can add to their experience and knowledge about what they are good at or what they like. They can also experience the joy of creation and discovery. Both types of club activities give children a chance to do things that they would not do in regular classes.

Here are specific types of club activities:

Sports Activity Clubs:

- Track and field (mainly short-distance sprints and relay)
- Basketball
- Badminton
- Soccer
- Dance
- Gymnastics

Cultural Activity Clubs:

- Computers
- English
- Science
- Calligraphy
- Homemaking
- Choir
- Tea Ceremony (Japanese traditional tea ceremony – children will learn how to brew and drink tea)

Will Parents Help With Club Activities?

Club activities are held in elementary schools in order to help improve the independence of children. Therefore, children will make their own decisions on which club to join. It is also an opportunity for children to work together across grades and help their development. Parents are encouraged to support their children so that they can enjoy their club activities.

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