How to Apply for Tokyo Metropolitan Housing

Tokyo metropolitan housing refers to rental housing for people with low incomes who are having trouble finding housing. There are housing types for families and single persons. Below is information on Tokyo metropolitan housing, such as eligibility and how to apply for it.

Who Qualifies for Tokyo Metropolitan Housing?

Eligibility Requirements for Family Housing:

1.The applicant must live in Tokyo as of application date.

2.The applicant must have family members living with them (*this also applies to those in partnership).

3.The applicant must be having difficulty finding housing.

4.The income of the household must be within the specified criteria.

 Total income of the applicant’s household must be within the income criteria:

-Income Criteria (since April, 2009)

“Salary income” is applicable only if one person of the household has an income and the income is a salary. “Income amount” is an amount in the column “amount after deduction of employment income” on the salary withholding tax slip, or an amount in the total income column of the final tax return. If you receive a pension, check the taxation certificate (or tax exemption certificate).

When Can You Apply for Tokyo Metropolitan Housing?

Applications for Tokyo metropolitan housing are accepted several times a year. There are two ways that the government selects residents: a lottery and point system. The point system is used to give priority to some households if the level of their financial distress is determined to be high after reviewing their existing conditions listed on the special application form. There is a preferential lottery system that allows the household to apply for a better chance of winning in May and November, if they are applying for the housing unit for two or more people and meet specific eligibility requirements.

How to Apply for Tokyo Metropolitan Housing


Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Information Website:Apply here:

(2)By postal mail

-Where the housing guidelines/application forms can be found:

The housing guidelines for applicants and application forms are distributed for free at Tokyo Metropolitan Government office, ward offices, city hall, town/village office, Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation head office and customer support center, during the application period (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).

The guidelines and application forms can also be downloaded from the “Metropolitan Housing Application Information” page on Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation website during the application period.

* Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation head office, customer support centers

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* “Housing Guidelines” and “Application Forms” can be downloaded  Metropolitan Housing Application Information”

How Much Is the Rent for the Metropolitan Housing?

The rent for the metropolitan public housing is determined by the household’s income, the area it is in, the size of the housing and the age of the building. As an example, the rent for housing unit (Minami-tanaka apartment) for two people in Nerima ward (1-1, Shakujiimachi, Nerima-ku) is as listed below:

Contact the numbers below if you have any questions about metropolitan housing:

Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation, Housing Registration Center (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)


03-6418-5546 (automatic voice guidance)

Metropolitan Housing Application Information

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