Child Support Arrangements/Securement Support System For Single Parents

The term “Child Support” refers to the money paid by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent for the purpose of a parental contribution to the expenses of raising their child/children including child’s educational cost, if parents are divorced. This money is necessary for their child’s financial and social independence. Parents have an obligation to support their dependent child/children even if they are divorced.

Actual State Of Child Support Payment

Unfortunately, in Japan, less than 50% of single parents with custody are receiving the child support money. The following are the common reasons for that; written agreement was not made at the time of divorce, contact with the other parent was lost, and it takes time to collect child support money. For these reasons, there are many single parent households that are suffering economic hardships.

Support From Local Governments

In recent years, local governments started efforts to help receive child support money. Those who are about to get divorced and those who are already divorced but have not made agreements for child support are eligible for this local government support. Eligible persons are able to ask the government office for advice on how to make agreements on child support payment, and to receive the financial aid to pay the cost of making arrangements or securing the child support money, including notarization cost, child support guarantee contract initial guarantee fee.
The local governments that are providing this support are listed below:

Support List

The local governments that are providing this support are listed below:

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